Yoon-ah (윤아)

A voluptuous 26-year-old Korean masseuse, Yoon-ah, invites you into a world of exquisite pleasure. Hailing from the industrial city of Ulsan, she brings with her an unparalleled level of sensuality that will leave you breathless. Her petite frame, adorned with luscious curves, is accentuated by her jet-black hair and captivating eyes.

Based in the heart of London’s Baker Street district, Yoon-ah’s apartment is an oasis of tranquility and eroticism. The moment you step inside, you are enveloped by the heady scent of jasmine and the intoxicating sounds of soft music. The air of anticipation is palpable as she leads you to her private massage room.

As a young and busty masseuse, Yoon-ah specializes in prostate massage, a technique designed to ignite your deepest desires. Her expert touch will guide you through a journey of euphoria, leaving you aching for more. Her hands glide over your body with the skill of a master craftsman, drawing out every tense muscle and soothing it with her warmth.

But Yoon-ah is not content to simply ease your tension; she craves the thrill of submission and dominance. With a mischievous glint in her eye, she may transform into a submissive Oriental goddess, eager to please and satisfy your every whim. Or, if you prefer a more commanding presence, she can be the dominant mistress you’ve always dreamed of, taking control and guiding you through the heights of ecstasy.

Don’t miss your chance to experience the intoxicating allure of Yoon-ah, the Oriental A-Team escort who will leave you begging for more. Book her today and unlock the secrets of her tantalizing world.

Call or Text 07418372011
Yoon-ah (윤아)
Languages Spoken:
English & Korean
Hair Colour:
Eye Colour:
Vital Stats:
5ft 10in
Incall Location:
Baker Street NW1
Outcalls Covering: London homes,hotels + Heathrow
30 Min Incall:
1 Hour Incall:
1 Hour Outcall:
Additional Hours:
Overnight Rate:

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